SOMA WHITE debut album is on sale now!!

Avaliable to purchase at: www.rockserwis.pl, in Germany at: www.ppr-shop.dewww.justforkicks.de and at www.somawhite.bandcamp.com!! If you visit Poland – album is also avaliable in Media Markt and Saturn stores!

9 songs debut album was released by SOMA WHITE.

Hania Żmuda – vocals/lirycs
Piotr Pastwa – guitars
Paweł Wysocki – keyboards/voice
Krzysztof Szymczak – drums
Marek Chudzikiewicz – guitar
Robert Majewski – bass guitar

The Mind Parasite – 8:34
Pure Nonsense – 5:46
On The Shore – 8:46
Better Reality – 13:31
A Day To Overcome – 6:04
Travel Story – 8:46
Re-Hope – 5:50
Grateful – 8:11
Respect – A Tribute To Nature – 3:47

Arrangements: Piotr Pastwa and Paweł Wysocki

Engineered by: Piotr Pastwa and Jakub Bąk

Mixed by: Piotr Pastwa and Paweł Wysocki

Mastering: Andy Jackson, Tube Mastering Studio, Barnet/London

Cover design: P.P, logo: Miva
Box design: Miva, made in: Graffiti BC, Toruń/Poland

Special thanks from a band, for help and engagement during a work on this album, for: Jakub Bąk, Mikołaj Dacki and Miva.
Special thanks from a band for help after the album was ready, for: Zbyszek Szkudlarek, Kamil Wicik (Polish Radio Gdańsk), Alicja Lesner – Trzeciak and Radek Jachimowicz (NCK).

There are many of you, who helped us a lot- you all are remembered!! Thank you all for any kind of support you gave us!!

info@somawhite.com   +48 601 512 080    Realizacja sm.

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